Today was a pretty good day...

-Drop of Ruby at her adopter around 3?  Couldn't be simpler, right?  Well, these two lil guys needed immediate pickup, 5 minutes from home.  Too bad I was an hour from home and couldn't even head out for an hour.

Saw an urgent post that 2 lil guys were left on a porch in  a plastic tote when the finder went to work.  Guess she couldn't be bothered with them.  Apparently posted last night if anyone wanted a "cute" kitten, then added that there was a second.  Well it was more like "THERE'S 2 BABY KITTENS WITH NO FOOD or WATER COVERED IN BURRS AND GOD KNOWS WHAT ELSE."

A foster in Beaver was going to take them, but needed transpo.  Got the kitten emergency kit together and gave KMR and a little goat's milk.  1 was looking okay, but the other was def. critical.  I doubt he would have made it more than another hour if we hadn't gotten there.  Foster was working on arranging someone to meet closer today or tomorrow, but I cold have drove to Beaver if necessary.

We got the lil guy somewhat stabilized but he was just hanging on.  I felt bad handing him off, but someone with more experience volunteered to care for them.  Not sure if they will stay with her or if they will go to Beaver, but for the time being they are warm and fed and ALIVE!

Dropped Ruby (to be renamed Aretmis,) of with her new family who were headed home to Baltimore.  Good luck Artemis, we'll miss you!