Today was a pretty good day...

-Drop of Ruby at her adopter around 3?  Couldn't be simpler, right?  Well, these two lil guys needed immediate pickup, 5 minutes from home.  Too bad I was an hour from home and couldn't even head out for an hour. Saw an urgent post that 2 lil guys were left on a porch in  a plastic tote when the finder went to work.  Guess she couldn't be bothered with them.  Apparently posted last night if anyone wanted a "cute" kitten, then added that there was a second.  Well it was more like "THERE'S 2 BABY KITTENS WITH NO FOOD or WATER COVERED IN BURRS AND GOD KNOWS WHAT ELSE." A foster in Beaver was going to take them, but needed transpo.  Got the kitten emergency kit together and gave KMR and a little goat's milk.  1 was looking okay, but the other was def. critical.  I doubt he would have made it more than another hour if we hadn't gotten there.  Foster was working on arranging someone to meet closer today or tomorrow, but I cold have drove to